An esoteric Buddhist temple belonging to the Buzan Sect of Svhingon Buddhism, Anyo-ji Temple was founded in 1624 by Shinnin. Before becoming a priest, Shinnen was a famous warrior named Fuse Danjo, a descendant of Fuse Yasusada, one of the 48 16th-century military commanders in the service of the Odawara Hojo clan. It is said that, using a tub of water and a lantern to measure, he determined a slight rising on the highest part of which he built a small hermitage in which to house a statue of the Wisdom King Fudomyoo.

Attractions and Events

The Koshinzuka memorial tower beside the temple entrance path was erected in 1665, the year after the founding of the village of Kichijoji, where this temple is located. Bearing carvings of the names of many men thought to have been former samurai and of many women, it is an unusual historical relic revealing something of its times. Every year, throngs of people come to ring the New Year Bell and, beginning on January 1, to take part in the pilgrimage to the temples and shrines in Mitaka, Musashino, Tokyo, associated with the Seven Gods of Good Fortune (Musashino Kissho Shichifukujin).


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