Generally known as Arai Yakushi, Baisho-in Temple has a main image that is a composite of the Healing Buddha Yakushi Nyorai and Nyoirin Kannon. Referred to as the Yakushi of the Eyes or the Kosodate (Child-rearing) Yakushi, it has been the object of ardent belief. Many people visit the temple for the Goma prayer services to ward off evil held on the eighth, 18th, and 28th of each month and for the temple festivals held on the grounds.

Attractions and Events

The Goma memorial services conducted when visitors make their first temple call of the New Year signify the burning away of delusions by the flame of the Buddha’s wisdom. The numerous cherry trees in the vicinity create a splendid and delightful scene at cherry-blossom time. Visitors are welcome to come to the temple in July for the Bon-Festival dances.


Open gate time