In 1704, Shinshu the head priest of Hosen-ji Temple in what is now the Nakano district of Tokyo, built a hermitage in this location. Named Nichio-zan Asha-in, it is said to have been the origin of this temple. Later, when its layout was complete, it came to be called Chosen-ji. The Main Hall burned in 1796, and for about 50 years thereafter its functions were served by a temporary structure. It was rebuilt in 1850 in the time of head priest Meijo Wajo.

Attractions and Events

One step inside the temple and the visitor senses a quiet removed from the noise of the town. With its plentiful greenery, the temple garden offers the pleasures of cherry blossoms in the spring and colorful foliage in the autumn. Traditional wooden structures in the Reception Hall produce a feeling of Japanese culture.


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