Yukai Hoin, a priest from what is now called Okayama Prefecture, established Toen-ji Temple in 1573. It is said to have been restored later by Taikai. The Main Hall was rebuilt in the late 16th century by the daimyo of the Mitani clan, who came to Edo (Tokyo) from Kyushu for the reconstruction of Edo Castle. As it stands today, the building is the result of a rebuilding of 1932.

Attractions and Events

Every day, large numbers of pilgrims worship at Toen-ji Temple, which is number 19 among the 33 temples of the Edo Kannon Pilgrimage. Cherry trees from late March until mid-April and azaleas and peonies from late April until early May delight visitors. On December 31, worshippers may ring the temple bell to usher in the New Year.


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