Zenjo-in Temple was founded in 1362. Its official name is Ruriko-zan Yakuo-ji Zenjo-in. Ruriko-zan derives from the name of a Healing Buddha named Yakushi Ruriko Nyorai, the main image of the temple in its early phase. Since it is the tutelary temple of the old Ito house to which its land once belonged, it is also called the Ito-ji. In 1883, it was made the 48th sacred place of the 88 Places in the Tokyo Pilgrimage Route. In 1954, the head priest at the time established the Numabukuro Kindergarten as an annex.

Attractions and Events

The gingko tree beside the Sanmon gate symbolizes the temple. Seven hundred years old, it is the tallest tree of its kind in Nakano Ward, Tokyo, and is a splendid sight when its leaves turn golden in November. Though small, the compound possesses a peony garden (900 plants) and a lotus pond, both familiar to the local people. Visitors are cordially invited to the Peony Festival held through district cooperation in late April.


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